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Our grips with integrated turn signals will make your bike a lot cleaner, since they will replace your front and rear turn signals (on wide bars blinkers are visible from front and rear of the bike). Complete kit includes billet grips, billet caps with clear lenses, amber bulbs, sockets and wiring. Everything is pre-assembled, you just need to make the wiring connections inside your handlebars. Sold in pairs.

  E0110-C  (2D) grips turn-signal chromed $307.80
  E0110-P  (2D) grips turn-signal polished $289.17
  E0110-B  (2D) grips turn-signal black $307.80
  E0111-C  (2C) turn-signal cap replacement chromed $74.52
  E0111-P  (2C) turn-signal cap replacement polished $60.75
  E0111-B  (2C) turn-signal cap replacement black $74.52
  E0112  (2C) bulb amber replacement for turn-signal grips $6.00
  E0113  (2C) socket replacement for turn-signal grips $10.00
  E0114  (2C) lens replacement for turn-signal grips $2.50