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Apus mirrors
Machined out of top quality aluminum and beautifully finished. Once mirror is adjusted, it can be locked in position tightening the bolt that holds together the two-piece stem. On bikes with high vibrations the mirrors will stay firm in the position you set them (while with pivot ball mirrors, mirror head tends to fall because of the vibrations). Obviously if your handlebars vibrate, the mirrors will vibrate with them. It cannot fit v-rod models because of the square stem. Sold individually.

  L1104-C  (30H) mirror apus right chromed $124.20
  L1104-P  (30G) mirror apus right polished $102.00
  L1104-B  (30G) mirror apus right black $124.20
  L1105-C  (30H) mirror apus left chromed $124.20
  L1105-P  (30G) mirror apus left polished $102.00
  L1105-B  (30G) mirror apus left black $124.20
  L1104-R  (31F) mirror apus right replacement glass $12.69
  L1105-R  (31F) mirror apus left replacement glass $12.69