Please note that all "one off" parts were fabricated expressly for this showbike and are not available for re-sale. All underlined parts showing a part number are linked to the appropriate product page on our website and are available for purchase just click on the link and you will be sent to the correct product page.

showbike name: violator v-rod
year: 2006
fabrication: violator (the netherlands)
engine type: hd v-rod
aircleaner cover: hd
top motor mount: hd
coil bracket: hd
pipes: violator
transmission: hd with V2832
clutch: hd
frame type: hd v-rod
swingarm: ricks
rear suspension: legend air
forks: sjp
triple trees: sjp
front wheel: call us / special order
front tire: M130-18
rear wheel: call us / special order
rear tire: M280-18
front caliper: 9040-B
front rotor: 07049-B
rear caliper: pulley-rotor call us / special order
rear rotor: pulley-rotor call us / special order
rear pulley: pulley-rotor call us / special order
handlebars: violator
risers: violator
hand controls: 3016-B
push buttons: 3016-B
throttle assembly: 0960-B
mirrors: n/a
grips: 0206-B
headlight: 5040-B
taillight: violator
turn signals: n/a
gauges: violator
gas tank: violator
gas cap: violator
oil tank: hd
front fender: violator
rear fender: violator
foot controls: 2008-B
kickstand: hd
passenger pegs: n/a
seat: violator
molding: violator
painter: violator